Release schedule for Summer 2013

So far, no luck with getting BD reader. Since my financial situation is still wonky, the rips won’t be available any time soon.

Target release frame for Puchimasu! BD raws are some time before September.

After it’s ripped, I will pass it to my friend who works with #Chibiki.

Hopefully, then we’d have pretty 10-bit raws finally.

I am also considering re-vector HD scanning the Puchi comics.

Fact that Volume 4 and 5 does not have LE cover and bonuses that have been translated bothers me.

A lot.

but that’s upto #World-Three to decide.

Remember, I don’t speak Japanese much, so don’t expect Moon -> English out of me.


Discommunication’s not dropped. I’m still working on it. Hopefully I stop having LOL getting in my way (lol)

It’s half-way there, just stuck and since I’m not great with English in first place… meh.

Wish I knew people who had similar interest as me (fml lololol)